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We dedicate to become a reputable company who can provide the solutions for unique & creative promotional products.


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About Magic Folding Cube

1. Magic folding cube originated in japanese art of folding paper. There is no records that can show who invented it. Maybe it has existed more than one thousand years.

Some one calls it ' Eight Cubes'.

The cube is made up of eight interconnected cubes which can be folded or unfolded indefinitely.


2. Naoki Yoshimoto invented famous new style magic folding cube in 1971, the Yoshimoto Cube. In 1982, Yoshimoto Cube No. 1 was included in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

The unfolded cube can be dissected and reassembled into two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons, each of which comprise half the volume of the original cube, making it a kind of three-dimensional dissection puzzle.


3. 1990s, some advertising companies used it as three-dimensional promotional products and got huge business profits.

4. Then some advertising companies registered some patents and trademarks to defence competitors. They renamed it 'Magic Cube' or 'logoloop' or other mess names, even claimed that they got some design awards by it.

5. Although, the names are very mess, but today, Magic Folding Cube became unique tradeshow giveaways and unique promotional products and more applications!